GoodNews Launches Neuron New Official App

GoodNews Launches Neuron New Official App

Neuron is one of the leading Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the UAE and Middle East, providing management services for all areas of insurance.

GoodNews has integrated Neuron database to provide a self-care application for IOS and Android platforms.

The App makes it easy for Neuron clients to manage their insurance accounts and locate any clinics or hospitals which are in his/her own network; they can discover all details about any provider through the application.

Clients can also update their details like their Emirates ID, Mobile Number, Email Address, Passport Number, UID, Salary Band, Work City, Work Location, Resident City, and Resident Location.

The application also presents extra host of benefits like claiming for reimbursements, requesting approvals; in addition to a dedicated section for E-prescriptions and complaints.

Now Neuron card holder can download the new Neuron Mobile app, and start enjoying their one-stop hub insurance app.

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