Wide Reach

  • Branch offices in the Middle East are being added to reach a wide coverage to GCC, together with the head office in Egypt that service the North Africa region.
  • Direct connection with top mobile operators.
  • Connection with top VAS providers all over the MENA region.
  • Business partnership with top media and production houses.

Expertise and Successful Business Cases

  • Carefully chosen for their technical skills talent and business experience, GoodNews4ME staff offer a compelling advantage for customers who are looking for a convenient single point of contact to address all their complex needs.
  • Multi project operations and management with mobile operators.
  • Significant role in initiating projects, designing products and services and distinct support in marketing.

Winning Innovator

  • We continuously invest in innovation and always look with a proactive approach.
  • We know that your needs may keep on changing along with complex technology requirements. Hence, innovation and R&D are a key criteria in all our products, solutions and services offerings. We make you fully prepared for tomorrow’s call.

In-House Software Repository

– Web Portal Development.
– Service Delivery Platforms.
– Interactive Service Development.
– User generated content and white label applications.


  • GoodNews4me develops & runs mobile services together with and for internationally known business customers – the full bandwidth: starting from cutting edge service delivery platform (SDP), aggregation services, interactive mobile messaging services, up to mobile content management that are fully integrated into operators own system environments.Our accumulated experience over these last years has clearly identified the need for four main components, which we outstandingly propose:
    • Powerful Service Delivery Platform (SDP)
    • Trusted, fresh, localized aggregated content
    • Customized value added services (VAS)
    • Well-mannered Outsourcing and Support service


GN4ME Service Delivery Platform (SDP) provides a complete ecosystem for the rapid deployment, provisioning, execution, management and billing of the offered VAS.

Key Components:

  • One access point for All VAS services
  • Content and Services cross selling.
  • Allowing bundling and promotions not only on the level of one access channel, but also on content from different channels (For example, RBT, Tones, Themes, and others)
  • Rich content advanced Mobile XHTML portal with handset detection features.
  • Subscription Manager
  • Billing Engine