GoodNews Delivers Modon Infographics Videos

From initial concept to realization, GoodNews has produced high quality Infographics videos promoting the marketing strategy of The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON).

Though we believe that the internet has become the key means for conveying information, the question of how to effectively communicate content remains a real challenge.

It is not simply that videos are popular or consumer-driven. More than 80% of senior executives watch more videos than they did a year ago and three quarters of executives are watching work-related videos every week!
Giving the choice, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read an article. So, whether a B2C or B2B company, video has become essential to any digital marketing strategy.

GoodNews-produced videos have successfully managed to convey MODON marketing messages matching the consumer’s behavior, all while maintaining MODON corporate identity and guidelines.

Established in 2001, MODON is responsible for the development of industrial cities with integrated infrastructure and services. The Authority has already established several industrial cities in various regions of Saudi Arabia.

GoodNews Launches Neuron New Official App

Neuron is one of the leading Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the UAE and Middle East, providing management services for all areas of insurance.

GoodNews has integrated Neuron database to provide a self-care application for IOS and Android platforms.

The App makes it easy for Neuron clients to manage their insurance accounts and locate any clinics or hospitals which are in his/her own network; they can discover all details about any provider through the application.

Clients can also update their details like their Emirates ID, Mobile Number, Email Address, Passport Number, UID, Salary Band, Work City, Work Location, Resident City, and Resident Location.

The application also presents extra host of benefits like claiming for reimbursements, requesting approvals; in addition to a dedicated section for E-prescriptions and complaints.

Now Neuron card holder can download the new Neuron Mobile app, and start enjoying their one-stop hub insurance app.

Al Sharawi Official App Hits Google Play Store

GoodNews4ME has launched Al-Sharawi official application.
The new App features the valuable library of the late prominent Muslim scholar, with the possibility to purchase premium content and RBTs.

Our mission is to present a one-stop hub for Al-Sharawi’s Islamic heritage, including but not limited to: his speeches, Quranic interpretations, preaches, famous quotes, as well as finely created RBTS.
The application content is available in both audio and video formats.
Registered users/members can also choose their favorite tone and set it as their RBT through the embedded RBT short codes.

At Al-Sharawi application, our fundamental philosophy is “members first.” Thus, we have implemented security safeguards designed to protect the personal information that users provide in accordance with industry standards.
TRY Al-Sharawi new application. Now Available on Google play store.

GoodNews launches Dabarny, the Middle East’s first social voting App

GoodNews4ME, a market-leading provider of digital solutions, is launching Dabarny, the first social voting and polling application in the Middle East.

Owing to the consistently growing range of products and options, consumers have become more in need for guidance and consultancy. Taking this in mind, our company has developed the application to help users get reliable, clear feedback.

Thousands of questions are posted daily on social media, yet none guarantees calculable answers. So, Dabarny, or Advise Me, which shows results in percentage, could be the ideal guide for all.

Now you will no more hesitate when taking decisions on matters like which phone brand to choose, or where to buy a fancy party dress. Dabarny will help you opt for the right choice, giving you insight into it by displaying others’ judgments and opinions.

Dabarny does not only target shoppers who are looking for tips, or consumers who are keen on sharing their experiences, it also targets market watchers who like to recognize what the people are talking about.

The easy-to-use application is entirely different from other social media interactions in terms of enabling users to get measurable and assessable percentile results in whatever category of their choice.

“We value your time. That’s why we made it super easy for you to search for an earlier or similar vote,” says Mrs. Merhan Azzam, Digital Products Manager.

The application lets you post your votes, comment and like other votes. You can follow any post and choose whom to share with, as well.

It also features filtration, where you can exclude irrelevant posts via categorization, search archived votes’ results as a reference or get quick results from similar votes.

“With Dabarny, you will never be misled. If you are interested in certain fields, just filter and choose what kind of feeds to display. It’s fast and easy. Dabarny bags it all for you,” she adds.

Create your own account, or login with your Facebook account to start your experience with Dabarny.

The App is now available on Apple Store for IOS, and Play Store for Androids.

GoodNews4ME sponsors “Smart Data Summit Dubai 2015”, Dubai, UAE

In the light of its new strategic partnership with Lavastorm Analytics, a global data management & analytics tool provider, GoodNews4ME has participated in the biggest event on Big Data in Middle-East – Smart Data Summit Dubai 2015, which took place on 25th- 26th of May at Sofitel The Palm Hotel.

In its second year running, this event attracted over 300 Delegates across the GCC and worldwide and continues to be one of the largest data summits in the Middle East region.

Within the event, GoodNews4ME had showcased wide range of global analytics solutions implementations and shared various success stories in different industries including, but not limited to: Telco, Banking, Financial Services, Government and Public Sector, Retail, Utilities,… etc.

GoodNews will support its long term and strategic partnership with Lavastorm through co-selling and joint marketing programs in the region.

GoodNews4ME Developed Arab Got Talent App Hits 16 m Views

GoodNews4ME is backed with GoodNews Group (since 1987), a media company, specialized in creating and producing award winning films, TV shows, retail outlets management, and movie theaters.

The company has also years of experience in marketing and advertising local, regional and global campaigns that build winning brands.

Our unique structure guaranteed unique results, not to mention Arabs Got Talent app which has successfully achieved more than 16 million views and more than 500,000 downloads.

The application distinctive features, such as the 360 degree stage camera which enables users to watch the show from the stage and get a semi-real live experience.

Arabs Got Talent is an Arab reality television talent show broadcast by MBC4 in the Arab world. The show features contestants with a variety of talents, such as singingbreak-dancingcomediansmagicians, and rapping.

Application Functions and Features:

  • 360° Camera to watch the show from the stage.
  • Social Network Integration
  • Customized interface
  • Dynamic videos and images galleries
  • Check in to the show or into the app or both.
  • Dynamic News updates, sophisticated caching system handling all types of data.

GoodNews4ME Turns Prestigious Newspapers into Digital

The phenomenal popularity of smartphones, iPads and eReaders has led to rapid rise in media applications and, subsequently, to an increase in ready across multiple devices.

Although about half of magazine and newspaper consumers read on personal computers, over 10 % also now read on smartphones. Accordingly, GoodNews4ME has offered the solution of releasing a digital version for two of the most remarkable and prestigious newspapers, Al Jazirah KSA and Emirate, into native mobile applications.

The applications come in a unique design matching both newspapers’ different corporate identity with a touch of modernism. All while, generating the best ROI and provide cutting edge market mix modelling.

Implemented Functions and Features:

  • Favorites Customization, whereby users can customize their favorite news categories for more friendly interaction.
  • Advanced search engine for a quicker reach of desired news.
  • The ability to customize the app text font for more friendly usage.
  • Application caching mechanism that lets the web-based application run offline.
  • Push notification, enabling the app admin to send unlimited number of messages to the users.