ACUVUE – Racing game

ACUVUE – Racing game

Project Description

As an interactive marketing tool for Acuvue brand of contact lenses, the game was aimed to convey the brand’s message: See your world more clearly, move more freely, and feel comfortable in any environment.

Acuvue Racing game was developed positioning Acuvue’s visual experience through an interesting and interactive gameplay as a part of an integrated campaign; Video Ad and an on-ground activation.


Design (UI), 3D graphics,
Unity Development


Johnson & Johnson






An innovative, interactive marketing tool intended to increase Acuvue’s brand loyalty and engage its current and potential consumers.

What We Did.

Acuvue Racing employed distinctive game features like racing on the Singapore track during day & night; racing against other AI racers; choosing from three different control methods; using ACUVUE® power to enhance the user’s visual experience; and competing to achieve the best lap time.

Video Ad.

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