Berain – Online ordering responsive website

Berain – Online ordering responsive website

Project Description

A full online ordering solution for a better ordering experience for Berain products.


Personas, UX Wireframes (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views), Interactive Prototype (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views) & UI (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views).


2020 – 2021


Revamping and redesigning Berain’s website (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views),
in order to meet Berain’s goals from the website as a whole and serve thoroughly each page’s objective.

What we did.

GoodNews4ME worked on the UX and UI Design processes from their very beginning. Beginning with studying and thoroughly understanding the current website and the needed requirements. Going through, the research stage; studying competitor’s websites and the targeted customers’ insights and behavior. Then we are transformed to the next level through creating the users’ personas, getting to the UX design phase through which the user journey is highlighted by creating the interactive prototypes. Last but not least, is the UI design phase that crowns the whole process with the latest design trends.


Berain as a premium Water Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, needed a premium website to represent it through an exceptional, yet user-friendly ordering experience which was efficaciously delivered through GoodNews4ME’s splendid work.