Cubee the Diver – 3D game

Cubee the Diver – 3D game

Project Description

Cubee is having the adventure of his life as a diver under the waters! Enjoy the sea treasures underneath through this interactive 3D game.


Creative, Design (UI), 3D modelling,
Unity, Development, Testing




Creating a challenging, revenue-generating game for kids that employs Cubee, the famous MBC3 character as a game hero player.

What we did.

GoodNews4ME worked on all game stages – from the initial idea until the final testing stage. All the work processes in between were done in-house.


Cubee enjoys an exploration journey under the sea collecting as many points as he can to complete each level and proceed to the next. Each level has its own 3D environment and is distinguished with its own sea creature.

Cubee the Diver & Bouncin’ Babies.

Bouncin’ babies brand & products were employed in the game environment as a part of Cubee-bouncing’ babies campaign applying the games brand/product placement strategy.