Fananees 1, 2, 3 & 4 – 3D games

Fananees 1, 2, 3 & 4 – 3D games

Project Description

If you love “Ramadan Yegma3na” campaign characters for MBC, you’ll definitely love
he Fananees games. A bouquet of games with different gameplay for everyone.


Creative, gameplay design, Design (UI),
3D modelling, Unity, Development,
Testing & deployment




An original 3D war game that could position itself among famous war games in-terms of graphics and gameplay, and could be used for different businesses objectives.

What we did.

GoodNews4ME worked on all game stages – from the initial idea until the final testing stage. All the work processes in between were done in-house.

FANANEES RUN – Fananees 1.

Keep running, collecting and avoid hitting barriers in the process! Throughout the game, your character is challenged to complete levels and accomplish missions, while having a fun run!

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FANANEES JUMP – Fananees 2.

Jumping as high as you can is your main aim! Watch out for obstacles and collect as much items as you can while rising above aiming to be the best among other players!

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Explore different worlds with your favorite Fananees characters, each with different levels, enemies and surprises to discover! You can walk, jump and hit enjoying different game mechanics that help you through your journey.

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FANANEES RACE – Fananees 4.

Become the best racer among other Ramadan yegma3na characters! Run and jump while trying to collect coins and get ahead of other racers.

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