Nutrifit Native Mobile App

Nutrifit Native Mobile App

Project Description

Being familiar with the Egyptian market, GoodNews4ME has been capable of presenting innovative ideas and new marketing tools enhancing Massfood brands mainly Nutrifit cereal bars.

The application approaches Nutrifit product concept of providing healthy and energetic light food. Within the application, users can keep track on their diet plans, activities, daily calories, etc. Useful articles and tips are also included for a better lifestyle.

Out target was to create unequalled levels of interaction between the public and the Nutrifit brand. Besides, generating awareness through enhancing brand experience, increasing sales and entertaining people simultaneously.

The offered solutions have been finely developed and designed according to Massfood corporate identity, bearing in mind the importance of highlighting the product competitive edges.


Nutrifit Application Functions and Features:

  • User registration
  • GPS Tracking
  • Integrated maps
  • Calories calculation
  • PMI and PMR calculator
  • Push notification
  • Leader Board
  • Social media integration
  • Food diaries
  • Integrated maps
  • History log