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GREEN CARPET – Events’ management platform

A full-fledged online solution that’s all about events and exhibitions around you! Scope: Wireframes (UX), Design (UI), Development Year: 2018 Need. One place through which events organizers’ can announce for their events with all its details and normal users can view those events and register/buy tickets. What we did. Implementing the latest UX and UI [...]

Berain – Online ordering responsive website

A full online ordering solution for a better ordering experience for Berain products. Scope: Personas, UX Wireframes (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views), Interactive Prototype (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views) & UI (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views). Year: 2020 - 2021 Need. Revamping and redesigning Berain’s website (Desktop & Responsive Mobile views), in order to meet [...]

EZXPO – Motion Graphics video

A motion introductory video to Ezexpo visualizing its products and services. Scope: Graphics, Animation, Storyboarding, Script Year: 2019 Need. An Informative video that’s visually appealing to be put on the website as an introductory video educating the audience about Ezexpo products and services and what the company offers. What we did. GoodNews4ME worked on the [...]

EZXPO – E-commerce website

A one-stop-shop for all exhibitions and events solutions from products to ideas/designs where Scope: Design (UI), Design (UX), Development, Testing (Check with dev team scope of work Year: 2020 Need. Enhancing the business reachability to customers all over the globe. What we did. GoodNews4ME worked on the website’s look & feel and user-experience. ATHE “WE [...]

Cubee the Diver – 3D game

Cubee is having the adventure of his life as a diver under the waters! Enjoy the sea treasures underneath through this interactive 3D game. Scope: Creative, Design (UI), 3D modelling, Unity, Development, Testing Year: 2014 Need. Creating a challenging, revenue-generating game for kids that employs Cubee, the famous MBC3 character as a game hero player. [...]

Fananees 1, 2, 3 & 4 – 3D games

If you love “Ramadan Yegma3na” campaign characters for MBC, you’ll definitely love he Fananees games. A bouquet of games with different gameplay for everyone. Scope: Creative, gameplay design, Design (UI), 3D modelling, Unity, Development, Testing & deployment Year: 2017-2020 Need. An original 3D war game that could position itself among famous war games in-terms of [...]

Agent Z – 3D war game

Are you up to the challenge, Agent Z?! You’re Agent Z, and you are the ultimate warrior and hero rescuer! Scope: Creative, Design (UI), gameplay, 3D modelling, Development, Testing Year: 2019-2020 Need. An original 3D war game that could position itself among famous war games in-terms of graphics and gameplay, and could be used for [...]


Guess what? The hero in our game is no longer the protagonist; it’s the villain! When zombies were trying to take over your beloved city, you were always trying to save it. However, this time you will be the villain - you will be the Zombie Lord. Acuvue Racing game was developed positioning Acuvue’s visual [...]

ACUVUE – Racing game

As an interactive marketing tool for Acuvue brand of contact lenses, the game was aimed to convey the brand’s message: See your world more clearly, move more freely, and feel comfortable in any environment. Acuvue Racing game was developed positioning Acuvue’s visual experience through an interesting and interactive gameplay as a part of an integrated [...]

Health Link – Mobile App

Nowadays, services of all types are being digitalized into mobile apps for the best convenient experience possible. Out of this concept, we developed Health Link - an integrated digital platform for innovative health services of various types for users in Saudi Arabia. It is a user-friendly app with a broad array of benefits for both [...]

Mawheba Platform

As talent shows have been gaining more popularity, Mawheba came up as a Saudi online video talent show platform representing real stars of great talents competing online for utmost visibility. Services: (UX / UI) Design, Development Client: Mawheba Country KSA Year: 2020 Need. An online video platform that has an edge over other similar platforms [...]

VOD and OTT Platforms

We are providing VOD and OTT Key solutions for Mobile Operators. Collaborating with the creative, Marketing and Digital Content in content acquisition and project management in planning, leading, managing delivery of various OTT, IPTV, applications & content sourcing Management, and digital Marketing Strategy for OTT & VOD products, below are samples of recently projects: Our […]

Modon Infographics Videos

From initial concept to realization, GoodNews has produced high quality Infographics videos promoting the marketing strategy of The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON). Though we believe that the internet has become the key means for conveying information, the question of how to effectively communicate content remains a real challenge. It is not simply that videos […]

Dabarny, the Middle East’s first social voting App

GoodNews4ME, a market-leading provider of digital solutions, is launching Dabarny, the first social voting and polling application in the Middle East. Owing to the consistently growing range of products and options, consumers have become more in need for guidance and consultancy. Taking this in mind, our company has developed the application to help users get […]

Nutrifit Native Mobile App

Being familiar with the Egyptian market, GoodNews4ME has been capable of presenting innovative ideas and new marketing tools enhancing Massfood brands mainly Nutrifit cereal bars. The application approaches Nutrifit product concept of providing healthy and energetic light food. Within the application, users can keep track on their diet plans, activities, daily calories, etc. Useful articles and tips are also […]

GoodNews4ME Developed Arab Got Talent App Hits 16 m Views

GoodNews4ME is backed with GoodNews Group (since 1987), a media company, specialized in creating and producing award winning films, TV shows, retail outlets management, and movie theaters. The company has also years of experience in marketing and advertising local, regional and global campaigns that build winning brands. Our unique structure guaranteed unique results, not to […]