Ranan Karaoke RPT Platform

Ranan Karaoke RPT Platform

Project Description

User Generated Music Remix & Composing Application


How to generate more revenue for Mobily Ring Back Tone Service?


We came up with innovative solution by developing User Generated-Ringing Back Tones to increase customers’ interaction and engagement with the service.

  • Within the application, users can generate multiple RBTs that will be consequently sent to the operator (Mobily) for being used. Users can also set specific ringing tones to selected contacts or numbers.
  • The solution has been fully innovated and implemented by GDS, based on the market latest trends and changing consumer behavior.
  • Ranan application embraces a fine collection of IOS and Android libraries matching the different end-users’ preferences.
  • Ranan Karaoke RPT Platform 2,000,000 + Downloads:  the first User Generated Karaoke RPT Platform
  • The Application Allow users to record, add sound effects & background music and compose his own RBT.

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