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GoodNews4ME strategy is to link its brand to communications and entertainment experiences by being the number one source solution for digital content services; through our online brands.

Using a combination of technology, talent and proven processes, we provide different streams of syndicated, licensed, owned and third-party editorials and rich content.

Web Development

GoodNews4ME provides complete, full featured platform to build and publish advanced web portals. All while with fine state-of-art designs matching the latest worldwide trends and UX.
Depending on our 100 % developed, advanced bilingual CMS; portal owners can manage their portals lifecycle from service creation till publishing content, formatting, categorization, service administration, and service monitoring.

Web Services

– GoodNews4ME has been one of the earliest companies in the region presenting internet radio service with unlimited functions and privileges, including but not limited to: streaming, targeted Ads, online campaigns, station operations services, etc.

– Being iTunes, App Store, and Mac App Store Affiliate allows us to provide a unique way for our clients to upload millions of songs and thousands of apps, books, TV shows, music videos, games, and podcasts

– Our user generated content (UGC) applications includes Web forums with mobile accessibility, Blogs, Photo Albums (with photo sharing, and MMS support), content sharing and content recommendation, group messaging, and mobile chatting.

Digital Marketing

Collaborating with worldwide network of partners, enables us to provide enhanced online/digital marketing and social media categorization that is unique in detail and scope. These partnerships allow our customers to analyze, segment and connect data, uncovering new insights across mass media that were simply not available before.

Our full spectrum of digital and social marketing services includes:
Digital Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as mobile advertising
Online advertising services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social media marketing services that cover, but limited to, social media consulting, training on social media tools, building social media marketing strategy, and community building strategy development and monitoring.

and more...

GoodNews4ME offers outsourcing service for technical operations management, where clients can benefit from the experience of our operation and technical support team, to overlook all aspects of this operation, and provide end to end services.

GoodNews4ME provides consultancy services to help our customers define their online or Mobile technical strategies, as well as to assist in creating the specification for VAS applications and services.
What distinguishes us from others is our ability to offer the most User-Friendly Experience (UX) you can imagine. Our target is to make your website transparent. Our team employs the latest designing trends to allow more potential customers to explore and interact with your website.
As a result of those outstanding services, our customers were able to reach a clear definition for their requirements and the best implementation methodology for them.

GoodNews4ME offers consultancy services to assist their customers to adopt the vast growing needs for implementing anytime and anywhere TV solutions. As well as to deliver live IPTV services to tablets, PCs, and smartphones using the OTT (over-the-top) technologies.

Mobile Solutions and Services

Outsourcing and Consultancy Services

From workforce consulting and outsourcing to talent supply chain management, we help our customers define their online or Mobile technical strategies. Our services go further beyond to implement anytime and anywhere TV solutions

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